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Fisher Van Lines is a top-rated Denver pool table mover. We can relocate, deliver, or move your pool table anywhere in the Denver metro area.

If you want to move your 7-foot, 8-foot, or 10-foot table or snooker table to a new home, it doesn’t matter if it’s down the street or across the country; we’ll gladly assist you. It doesn’t matter if it’s three-piece standard slate or those massive one-piece slate slabs: we have the equipment and expertise to get the job done.

We are a professional Pool Table mover

If you are relocating, your pool table may be one of the most difficult items to relocate. It is critical that you hire the right professional pool table mover to help you get this item where it needs to go. This can prevent a number of issues from arising during the move, such as the need for a pool table felt replacement. It is critical to understand the factors that should be considered before hiring a mover in order to avoid potential damage to your table.

We are fully licensed

Before hiring any professional pool table moving service, you should ensure that the people you hire have the necessary credentials. One way to accomplish this is to make certain that your pool table movers are licensed and bonded. Fischer Van Lines is a fully licensed moving company that can be relied on and is always legitimate. We also provide insurance coverage in the event that something goes wrong while moving your pool table.

Having proper tools

We have all the adequate tools to get the pool table moving job done properly. For the process of moving a pool table, we always have an industrial sized dolly on hand and other key equipment to ensure the move is done with accuracy.

Moving a pool table is difficult and can cause damage if not done correctly. Fischer Van Lines, Moving and Storage’s professional pool table movers will disassemble the pool table, transport it to the new location, and then reassemble it. Our training and experience will ensure that your table is not damaged during the move and that it is properly reassembled and levelled.

Get An Accurate Price Quote!

Finding out how much it will cost to move your pool table is a very easy. The only thing that we need to know in order to give you an accurate pool table moving quote is:

  • Size Of Your Pool Table: 7 and 8 foot pool table are very common for residential pool tables. There are also quite a few 9 foot tables out there as well. If you are not sure what size table you have just measure the width of your pool table from the inside of one rail to the other
  • Brand Name Of Your Pool Table: Another important factor for an accurate quote is knowing what kind of pool table you have. There are usually placards on the head rail (the rail you break from). If there is not a placard on the head try taking a look underneath the table.
  • Are There Going To Be Any Stairs Involved: Another factor in the pool table moving price quote is whether there will be any flights of stairs involved. For example, will the table be coming from or moving into a 2nd floor or basement. Please let us know so that we can give you an accurate moving quote.

That is all we require to know! If you get an estimate from a pool table moving company and they don’t ask you those two questions, they might not give you an accurate price. On the day of the move, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise; they may charge much more than they originally quoted you.

If you need professional pool table moving services in Denver, call us at 720.297.9904 or CLICK HERE to get an online Denver moving quote!