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General Storage Tips Evaluating what you want in your new home

To help reduce moving company costs, it’s a useful exercise to reconsider whether the possessions you have actually reflect what you care to own in your new home, as you prepare to pack and move.

It’s a helpful process to sort through things to determine what fits and no longer fits in your life. When going through this process, consider: are these items of value to you, does this item still fit your style.

Starting the Evaluation Process

Start the process of determining which items to keep by creating miscellaneous piles of things that youre unsure truly reflect who you are now. In the sorting process, you can use the nice moving boxes your moving company can provide for you, just one of the moving and packing services your movers offer.

As an added benefit you might find a few little gems you forgot you had, things you could really use right now!

Are these items of value to you?

Sometimes you keep things just because you think they have some worth. Sometimes you acquire extra things to make you feel like you have abundance. In both these cases, it’s worth rethinking your priorities. Something may have a monetary worth but it’s just extra stuff around and it may actually no longer be serving you.

Does this Item Still Fit Your Style?

An opportune time to consider your style is when you’re thinking about moving and considering the appearance of your new residence. Understanding more about your style can help you in the home buying process, as you choose from different types of homes on the market. Style is a complicated subject. But as you go around looking at what is or isn’t of value to you, your style starts to emerge. Youll find the types of colors, hues, decorating accents that seem to resonate with you now.

Sometimes people need to realize their style rather than simply having a hodgepodge of stuff that they may have liked at one point or just happened to have acquired.

As you go through the process of sorting through and prioritizing your items and looking at the pieces you will make interesting discoveries about your style. Make time for this project of letting your style emerge as you look forward to your next move.

Truly, make your new home your own.