Moving with Kids

Here are some useful moving tips to help you prepare your family for the move:

Allow for Transition Time:

When moving your family, give them time to get used to the idea of moving and understand what to expect before, during and after your move. The more structure and moving tips you can provide to them, the easier the move will be.

Keep a Positive Attitude:

If you show them your enthusiasm, they’ll share in the excitement. Positive attitudes are contagious!

Prepare your Children for the Move:

Negative comments and reactions from children are to be expected. Anticipate their questions and concerns, and prepare possible solutions in advance. This will help minimize their anxiety. If you don’t know the answer to their questions, be honest with them and tell them that you don’t know. If appropriate, let them help find the answer with you. This shows you care about their concerns and makes them feel more important.

Share your Thoughts:

Regardless of what your children say, thank them for communicating their thoughts with you. Older children may especially find it awkward to express their vulnerabilities; therefore, it’s crucial to thank them for sharing their concerns with you. Often, just listening provides them with the reassurance and validation they need. This leads us to another important moving tip: Keeping the lines of communication open is critical for a smooth transition.

Let your Children Participate in the Move

Children’s anxieties often stem from the unknown. Involving them in the move gives them a sense of control, which makes for an easier transition. For example, children can help with the packing or with running a garage sale.

Moving with kids

When it comes time for moving with kids, the stress and anxiety that comes with selling your house, packing up your belongings, and traveling to a new destination can be hard on everyone involved. The most unsettled about the entire process might be the kids, who have built friendships they thought would last forever and are already used to their current school and home routines. As you approach the time when it becomes a must to alert your children of an upcoming move, it is important handle the situation in a delicate manner. You may or may not know how your child is going to handle the news.

It is true; not every child will react in the same way to the notion of relocating. There are some who may cry uncontrollably for days, entering a stage of depression. Then, there are the few who actually embrace the idea of moving and view it as a chance to meet new people and explore a new city. Whomever you are dealing with, it is important to get them involved and have “the talk” as soon as possible. This allows everyone in the family to become on the same page when it comes to the entire moving experience. You also want children to have enough time to get used to the idea. Having only a week to handle the news may cause a serious disruption in their lives.

When mentioning the idea of moving to a new home to your children, prepare for the onslaught of questions. Your child will want to know why this act is occurring, when, and what to expect. You should be as honest as possible so they can better make sense out of the entire occurrence. Some children will warm up to the idea of moving when their questions are answered while others only worry more. To help them get acquainted with their soon-to-be new location, paying a visit to the library to look at maps and photos of the destination may help them paint a picture. For instance, a move from New Jersey to California may become more exciting when they are able to view palm trees, sunny days, and endless beach land. You can always find at least a couple of positive points to make regarding any new relocation.

When you are positive and upbeat about the move, your children are more likely to pick up on this energy and adopt the same attitude. If you make the move a group effort where they feel like an important part of the process, they will also feel more open to the overall idea.

Before moving, you can help your kids prepare for the big day. So they may stay in touch with their best friends, you should encourage them to gather phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses that could go into an address book of their very own. Allow them to make a list of all the people they want to say goodbye to before they leave, including their favorite doctor, teacher, or babysitter. Help them to make a list of all the places about town that they want to experience one more time, whether it is taking a walk in the neighborhood park or having ice cream at the mall. As moving day approaches, make sure all valuables and belongings are packed and clearly labeled so you will be able to quickly locate their things once the family finally arrives at the new home.

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