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Edgewater Movers

A glimpse of Edgewater, Colorado, where the tranquil shores meet a thriving community, harmonizing natural beauty with urban vitality.

Edgewater, Colorado, incorporated in the early twentieth century, gets its name from its lakeside location along Sloan’s Lake. Nestled amid Colorado’s natural beauty yet close to Denver, it offers urban-natural charm. With panoramic views and easy access to work, it’s perfect. Trust Edgewater Movers for your move – efficient and careful.

Fischer Van Lines has proudly catered to the moving and storage needs of the Edgewater community for nearly 15 years! Positioned at the nexus of Denver, Lakewood, and Wheat Ridge, Edgewater offers numerous local moving options. However, amidst the choices, only one Edgewater moving company shines as brightly as ours.

We offer a range of services, from the largest straight truck in town to local and long-distance moving. More than that, we assure you of our strong reputation. Fischer Van Lines’ owner spent 13 years mastering the moving business before starting our company. With 15 years serving Edgewater, that’s 28 years of experience. Still not convinced? Let our customers tell you why we’re the best.

Take a moment to browse through the hundreds of five-star reviews from our satisfied customers. The BBB acknowledges our expertise with an A+ rating, showcasing our commitment to excellence. With a diverse range of services, we aim to exceed your expectations and become the premier moving company in Edgewater.

Edgewater Local Moving

If you’re relocating within Colorado, whether into or out of Edgewater, rely on our skilled Edgewater movers for local moving services. With our familiarity with the area, you can trust us to handle your move efficiently, without the risk of getting lost.

Edgewater Packing Services

We understand the struggle of staring at those boxes, wishing they would pack themselves. While we can’t perform magic, we offer the next best thing: handling all your packing, unpacking, or crating needs. Our Edgewater movers are dedicated to treating your household items with the utmost care. Plus, we won’t hold you liable for any unexpected damages along the way.

Edgewater Loading and Unloading Services

Once the packing is done and you’re admiring your work, the realization hits: those boxes need to be loaded and unloaded. But don’t dread it; we’ve got you covered. Our professional Edgewater movers will handle the loading and unloading, taking that task off your hands. Plus, we’re equipped to handle difficult items like pianos and pool tables. Whether you’re using our straight truck or a U-Haul, Budget, or Penske truck, we’ve got the job covered. Just relax and trust our Edgewater movers to handle your heavy furniture with care.

Edgewater In-House Movers

If you’re not looking for a full move but need help with in-house rearranging, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s for a remodel, event setup, or receiving deliveries, count on us for the heavy lifting. We believe in taking the load off your shoulders, whether it’s a major commercial move or just rearranging furniture. Trust us to transform your space while handling your items delicately. For more information on our services, feel free to give us a call or fill out our online moving quote form!

Edgewater Long-Distance Moving

You’ve made the decision for a long-distance move, and while the journey seems daunting, don’t worry. Just reach out to our professional Fischer Van Lines movers. We’ll handle all the complicated logistics, leaving you free to focus on your new home.