General Storage Tips

Edgewater was officially incorporated in the early twentieth century and named for its prime lakefront location along Sloan’s Lake. Those who are torn between the convenience of the Denver metro area and the beauty of Colorado’s natural sights will find solace in Edgewater, the perfect location to immerse yourself in 360-degree views while still enjoying a quick commute to work. Our Denver movers have been servicing the Edgewater community’s moving and storage needs for almost 15 years! Located in the center of Denver, Lakewood, and Wheat Ridge, Edgewater has plenty of local moving options, but only one Edgewater moving company can stand out like ours.

Between offering the largest straight truck in town, local moving, and long-distance moving, we can find a service that will fit your needs. But even more than that, we offer the security that comes with knowing we’ve got a strong reputation in this arena. The owner of Fischer Van Lines spent 13 years learning the ins and outs of the moving business before pursuing his next venture. Combine those invaluable years of experience with the 15 years we’ve been serving our local Edgewater community and that’s 28 years in the business and going strong! And if you’re not convinced yet, let our customer’s tell you why we’re the best option.

Sit back and peruse the hundreds of reviews left by our satisfied customers, rating us at five stars almost every single time! Even the BBB recognizes our skill with our A+ record that proves to you the level of commitment we believe in offering along with a diverse selection of services sure to meet your needs whatever they may be. It’s our ultimate goal to be the best moving company in Edgewater, going above and beyond your expectations every time.

Edgewater Local Moving

If you’ve made the decision to either move in or out of Edgewater, but stay within the state, let our highly skilled Edgewater movers be your go-to option for local moving services. We know the surrounding area by heart, so you can rest assured that we can complete the job efficiently and we’re probably not going to get lost along the way!

Edgewater Packing Services

We know; you’ve been staring at those boxes hoping they’ll just decide to pack themselves. While we can’t promise actual magic, we can give you the next best thing! We’ll be there to handle any packing, unpacking, or crating you need. Combine that with our Edgewater movers’ commitment to handle all your household goods with the utmost care and suddenly all your dreams have been answered. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, here we are promising to not hold you liable for any unexpected damages along the way. You’re more than welcome.

Edgewater Loading and Unloading Services

Okay, so the packing is completed and you’re admiring your (or our) work. Then the dread sets in as you start to realize those boxes have to be loaded and unloaded before their journey is over. Forget the dread and let us treat you to the best available option. We’ll take the loading and unloading part off your hands and put it in the hands of our professional Edgewater movers. Not to mention, we won’t be scared off by your more difficult items, like pianos and pool tables. We can also load and unload your trailer, self-storage, warehouse or PODS. Whether you select to use our straight truck, or a U-Haul, Budget or Penske truck, we’re the ones for the job. Just sit back and let our Edgewater movers take the reins on the heavy furniture, all while knowing that you can trust us to give it the care it deserves.

Edgewater In-House Movers

Let’s say you’re not looking for a complete move, but a more simple in-house rearranging. Whether you’re preparing for a full-scale remodel, hosting an event, or getting items delivered, you can count on us to be there for the heavy lifting. We believe in you not having to lift a single finger, whether you need a major commercial move or a new setup in the living room. We’re here to transform your space while giving you peace of mind that your items will be treated delicately. If you’d like more information about any of the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill our online moving quote form!

Edgewater Long-Distance Moving

So you’ve done it. You’ve set your heart on a long-distance move and while the destination is worth it, the journey looks treacherous. Don’t give it a second thought but rather go ahead and give our professional Fischer Van Lines movers a call to take care of all the complicated logistics with our long-distance moving services. All you need to think about is your beautiful new home that awaits you while we carefully transport your household goods to their destination.