Denver Antiques & Fine Art Moving

moving antique dresser denver
If you are moving antiques, fine art, and fine furniture in Denver you want to be sure to hire highly trained professionals. Not only do antiques and fine art have a higher sentimental and dollar value than standard furnishings, but they can also be more delicate. 

The highly-skilled and experienced staff at Fischer Van Lines has the expertise to safely move your fine furniture items.

Big, Heavy, and Fragile
Antiques are made from solid materials like wood and metal rather than hollow particle board, making them heavy and bulky. However, due to their age, they are also more fragile and valuable requiring special care and handling. Like Antiques, Sculptures and fine art are delicate and require extra care while moving. 

Unlike standard furniture, these items are rare or one of a kind and can’t be easily replaced.  Don’t take chances with your valuables by using just any moving company. 

Fischer Van Lines antique and fine art moving service are ready to come carefully pack, deliver, and cautiously unload your precious items. If you have an antique collection you are particularly fond of, don’t trust them with any other mover.
Our premier services when moving your antiques include carefully loading and unloading your antiques and gently placing your fine furniture in the home. We even offer packing and unpacking services.

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