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Denver Mover Tips

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Moving is difficult, but with the help of a true Professional it can go quick & easy

Should I Tip My Movers? Yes, if you feel they are worth it, but the amount is completely up to you.. In my 28 years experience your typical tip is between 5%-15% of the total bill, per mover. The guys at F.V.L. are more than worth it; they are all about making you, the customer, happy!

A list of things we have found that can shave time off your move because in this business, time is money.

Please take into consideration that we are More Than Happy to do these things for you. We have listed these things for the more willing customer or those who are trying to cut costs. We bring tools for all disassembly & reassembly, we bring shovels to clear side walks & walk-ways, we are well versed in electronic equipment.

  1. Disassemble all beds, mirrors on dressers, washers & dryers, table legs or bases, your wires to electrical equipment (TV’s, DVD’s, computers, etc.).
  2. Take all lamp shades off lamps, carry them in automobile or put them in the proper box.
  3. Stage your boxes in one room or garage, so they are easily accessible to the movers.
  4. Make sure all your boxes are taped shut (heavy items in small boxes, lighter items in big boxes) it makes loading a truck go much quicker.
  5. Have sidewalks to door access free of all ice & snow before the movers arrive.
  6. Make sure you have all cash in hand before the end of job, so the time does not tick on the way to the bank.
  7. Use your time wisely, remembering anything that goes into another hour will be charged a full hour.
  8. Stay clear of the movers path and please keep animals and children clear too.
  9. Make sure the elevator for pick-up & drop-off are secured with a key for keeping the door open during the move. Speak with apartment management.

If you’re packing your own boxes, here are some tips on where to get them free or buy them @ a discount:

  • If you want to pickup free boxes people give them away on a daily basis on www.CraigsList.org
  • If you want boxes delivered to your door Goto: Moving Boxes

Here are some helpful links to get your life in order at your new house, apartment, condo or loft:

Click on the cable service provider of your choice

A list of Trash Service Providers in Denver & Colorado off Google

Let us show you, what our customers have called “the best Move they have ever had”.

Movers Prayer

Almighty we beseech you as we help these people move from one place to another. No one move is the same, help us do what is right & treat them as sister & brother.

People have packed and moved across lands for thousands of years, Help us to remember and assist these people as they move to joy and leave behind tears.

We embark on this so we may support ourselves and our families needs, Let these people know we are Movers of good deeds.

Keep us safe and strong as we lift and carry these heavy loads, & help us to remember You are the mover of mountains & miracles on each of our individual roads.

Help us always remember that God moves in mysterious ways & may we always give you glory and praise for the rest of our days.

-Jeff Fischer 

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