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Giving Back

Transportation Exploration is the Fisher Early Learning Center’s annual fall fundraiser which is a family-friendly one-of-a-kind event featuring all sorts of transportation for kids to learn about and explore, food, a bounce house, face painting and more.

Some of the vehicles kids will be able to explore are:

  • Denver Police Department Police Car
  • City & County of Denver Trash Truck & Street Sweeper
  • Big Batmobile Colorado
  • Denver Public Library Reading Rocket
  • Mile High Ambulance
  • U.S Postal Service Truck
  • YMCA Schlessman Denver Bus
  • Alpine Waste Front Load Trash Truck
  • Fischer Van Lines Moving Van
  • St. Anne’s School Bus
  • University of Denver Zamboni
  • Backhoe
  • Bobcat
  • Cherry Picker
  • Golf Cart
  • Patrol Bike & Vehicle
  • Carryall Irrigation Cart
  • RTV Kubota Utility Vehicle
  • Kubota Tractor
  • Snow Plow Truck

It costs $5 for kids from ages 1 to 18, but it’s cash only. One-hundred percent of the proceeds support Fischer Early Learning Center.

Movers Prayer

Almighty we beseech you as we help these people move from one place to another. No one move is the same, help us do what is right & treat them as sister & brother.
People have packed and moved across lands for thousands of years. Help us to remember and assist these people as they move to joy and leave behind tears.
We embark on this so we may support ourselves and our families needs. Let these people know we are Movers of good deeds.
Keep us safe and strong as we lift and carry these heavy loads. Help us to remember you are the mover of mountains & miracles on each of our individual roads.
Help us always remember that God moves in mysterious ways. May we always give you the glory and praise for the rest of our days.
-Jeff Fischer 
(We are open to all spiritual practices or nonspiritual practices at Fischer Van Lines, Moving and Storage, as long as you intend no one harm!)