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piano moving

A piano is often one of your most precious, expensive, and the heaviest item you will move. Whether you have a Baby Grand, antique, organ, or an upright piano, you want to hire the best piano mover in Denver. Fischer Van Lines, Moving and Storage is an experienced and professional piano moving company serving the metro area.

piano moving

Pianos weigh between 300 – 1,000’s of lbs., so we always recommend using a professional to protect yourself and your piano in the Denver Metro Area. From navigating stairs and doorways to protecting keys and pedals; Fisher Van Lines has the training, manpower, experience, and tools to move your Denver piano safely.

Why use a professional piano mover

Piano movers don’t come cheap. But on the other hand no professional does. Would you fix your car on your own? We know that some of you do that but we personally believe that every man and woman should stick to what they are good on. There is a big difference netween playing the piano and moving a piano.

The weight of a piano can easily exceed 1000 pounds. It has an awkward shape with no proper place to hold and on top of that it is very gentle.

Fischer Van Lines as experienced and professional piano movers have proper techniques for padding and wrapping the piano to keep it safe. We have techniques for lifting and dragging it correctly so it won’t hurt their back. They have equipment to help them carry it without damaging the piano or the surrounding furniture. You can go through our piano moving guide to get more information regarding overall piano moving process.

Piano moving prices:

Piano moving charges are set by the complexity of the move and its distance.

The cheapest move obviously is moving the piano from one room to the other. But this also can turn out to be a difficult assignment and increase its price. What makes a piano move complex is one of the follows:

  • Need for a lift in case there are only stairs or a very small elevator. One might say that it is better to use the stairs but you take the risk that the piano would fall.
  • Need to take the piano apart, for example removing its legs. 

Our piano moving services can be part of your household move, an in-house move from one spot to another, delivery service, or from site to site. If you are moving a piano in Denver, Lakewood or the surrounding area, our Piano Moving Specialists are equipped to transport this precious item without damage.

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